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FORT MYERS — Stickboy has waived its expert tech support and remote setup fees for two months to help local businesses that are not fully prepared for the unique challenge that COVID-19 has demanded: A truly remote workforce.

“I grew up in Fort Myers. The well-being of our community and the success of local businesses has deep meaning to me,” says Josh Zachritz, Director of Operations at Stickboy. “The world is forcing us to work remotely, and we are answering in a big way. Stickboy is offering free services that will undoubtedly help businesses weather this difficult economic climate and the new stay-at-home order.”

Stickboy is offering free tech support for two months in Southwest Florida. Whether or not businesses have an IT company, the experts at Stickboy will help resolve any technology issues to make sure productivity doesn’t lag. If companies do not have a plan to work remotely, Stickboy is also waiving its labor fees to set up remote capabilities.

According to a recent Gartner snap poll, 54 percent of HR leaders implied that poor technology and/or infrastructure is the biggest obstacle to effective remote working.

Stickboy takes away those barriers and helps keep businesses operating at full capacity. Elite Electrical is one local company that took advantage of Stickboy’s offer to help once remote work became a necessity. The large company needs to keep operations running smoothly — especially because it is deemed an essential business.

“Our technology partner Stickboy was able to have all of our computers remotely accessible in minutes,” says Shannon Fitz, Chief Financial Officer of Elite Electrical in Fort Myers.

Stickboy is an award-winning technology firm that is optimizing businesses with custom software, mobile applications, process automation, and advanced IT solutions. Its team is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies for businesses large and small, helping increase efficiencies and scale growth. 

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