Fieldr Bridges Gap for Young Talent, Offering Free Services to Local Businesses

Bonita Springs — Fieldr, a web-based software platform that connects emerging talent to employers, has ​removed​ the cost for any job listings on its College Portal.

“Crisis or not, our mission is to provide opportunities for learning, growth, and significance–​ ​so that’s what we’ll continue to do one way or another. We’re here to help, and we’re here to stay.”​ ​–​ Connor Firmender, CEO and Co-Founder of Fieldr.

What is ​usually​ priced at $120/post, is now completely free for ​any​ business ​–​ for-profit or nonprofit. This is a great opportunity for nonprofits to find students in need of service-learning work. Fieldr also works directly with school districts to serve secondary education. What is ​usually an annual licensing agreement, Fieldr is offering ​three-month trials​ to school districts for their Summer Internship programs.

With social distancing and remote work becoming the norm, an allegiance of SWFL tech companies is stepping forward to help local businesses survive and keep working during this time.

Fieldr joins Stickboy, a local IT and software solutions company based in Fort Myers. Stickboy has waived its expert tech support and remote setup fees for two months to help local businesses that are not fully prepared to work remotely.

Recently launched, the Fieldr Academy Podcast brings tips, insights, and resources to the community of business owners, staff, and students. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, and YouTube, Episode 002 features Jordan Azis, Technology Advisor for Stickboy, and dives into the “art of working remotely.”

About Fieldr​: Serving over 500 College Students in SWFL alone, Fieldr’s College Portal is designed to allow businesses to register, create a custom profile, and post a diverse set of opportunities that range from internships, project-based, and remote work. With our requirement of social distancing, more and more people are working from home and many are finding new remote work opportunities. This generation of emerging talent is a pool of effective future employees that are geared for the style of work that is now commonplace.

Contact: Connor Firmender, CEO/Co-Founder

(203) 448-9181;;